Media Relations .

CREAM's ability to craft tailored media campaigns that combine traditional media relations with dynamic digital strategies. A successful media campaign taps into traditional outlets, while simultaneously leveraging the immediacy and influence of digital mediums.

 Clients value our pioneering efforts to leverage traditional media relations with dynamic digital campaigns. A successful media campaign taps into traditional outlets, while simultaneously leveraging the immediacy and influence of digital mediums.

Our well-researched approach to media relations includes identifying and targeting the right journalist at the right outlet with the right information at the right time. Our media relationships span mediums and verticals to reach all of a brand’s target audiences–from bridal to business and culinary to design and to secure all types of coverage–from feature announcements to photo shoots to interviews and more.

Media Training .

Every organization has multiple executives who speak to the media on behalf of their institution. A president shares the company’s vision; a CFO discusses financials; a subject matter expert promotes research findings or discusses trends; a PR professional serves as the spokesperson in a utility role on a broad range of topics and story ideas.

Media training is a valuable exercise to ensure all spokespeople, from seasoned executives to newer professionals, have developed the skills to effectively deliver news and key messages with confidence and consistency while properly positioning the institution and managing any potential risks.

Whether it’s a refresher or a first time training, the importance of being fully prepared for a media interview cannot be overstated. Knowing what to expect and how to respond to difficult lines of questioning and different interview styles will better position a spokesperson as a valuable resource and strengthen the relationship with a reporter/editor.

Content Creation .

Writing services address one of content marketing’s top challenges: creating enough content to keep readers engaged and to provide real value for your audience. For most marketers it’s not possible—or desirable—to create all the content you need in-house. 

Content curation is a great way to publish high quality, relevant content on a consistent basis. Howevercontent curation can’t stand alone. Original created content is the linchpin of any content marketing strategy.

In organisations with limited staff and budget, content creation can fall by the wayside, or into the lap of marketers with their plates already full. To enlightened marketers, content marketing is no part-time job, and shouldn’t be treated as such. A successful content strategy that keeps potential buyers and customers engaged requires dedicated writers publishing content consistently.

Internal Communications.

CREAM recognises that smart organizations understand the value in maintaining an ongoing dialogue with their employees, not just as part of a crisis communication plan. Engaged employees have a certain level of emotional investment and willingness to create value for their organizations.  Employees are often called on to communicate their organization's business goals and product and service information, and their insights can also offer valuable perspective. This is best achieved through a thoughtful and consistent internal strategic communications plan that includes:

  • Employee newsletters
  • Change communications
  • HR/rewards/pension communications
  • Events
  • Leadership communications
  • Employee blogs
  • Media policies
  • Internal social networks
  • Videos
  • Information sharing
  • E-blasts
  • Promoting culture
  • Cross-cultural communication

Green Initiatives .

Companies can do their part in reducing there Carbon Footprint on the earth. CREAM offers a range Green Initiatives that can help your organisation offset Greenhouse Gases emitted. This can be achieved through our Green Organisation Programmes such as: 

  • General Office Audit
  • Appliance Audit
  • Water Audit
  • Development & Implementation of Recycling Programmes
  • Employee Workshops on Sustainable Living